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GL Introduction
We wholeheartedly welcome everyone
who is now our customer here at GL.
Since its establishment in 1998, GL has achieved steady progress in the fields of construction planning, design, new technology development, and construction. Amidst the ever-changing industry and business environment, we are continuously striving to emerge as a reliable and trustworthy partner, pursuing a vision of creating a better society through construction, grounded on a solid business strategy and an unwavering commitment to construction excellence. Under the motto "I can do it", all our employees are dedicated to moving forward to provide our customers with exceptional experiences.

For a brighter future and a better society, we promise to demonstrate our capabilities to create miracles not only domestically, but also internationally, through our endless pursuit towards "better quality and innovative technological prowess". Thank you.

Corporate vision
We can do it
A company that opens the future.
As a top engineering company,
It will provide comprehensive construction services that combine competitive construction services, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering and operations.We will pursue diversification through active market reform.
Based on organic cooperation with relevant industries and research institutes,
We will strengthen organic cooperation with related industries and research institutes to expand the business area through real estate development and facility operation as well as traditional construction areas of design and construction.
Create a better life.
We will create a better place of life with the highest value on "human beings" and create a better place to live together with our customers, creating a more advanced tomorrow that grows with all stakeholders and contributes to society.
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    Advancement of business structure

    Business model high value added

    Moving beyond the existing construction-oriented business to a comprehensive engineering company.

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    Entering the New Growth Sector

    Selection of new growth engine business

    We will explore new fields with aggressive management mind.

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    Technology R&D

    Strengthen technological competitiveness

    I will invest in technology development for the future without being complacent about the present.

Management philosophy
Running management, serving management, aggressive management
GL is on the path of fair competition and honest management with its customers. We will also move forward on the path of a socially trusted and happy partner by transparently disclosing the flow of funds and realizing non-borrowing management.
A heart of gratitude, a heart of service
I will always be grateful and volunteer, and I will not lose my original intention, not be conceited, and work with a low attitude.
GL's management philosophy is practiced through three lessons: good faith, sincerity, and responsibility. Our GLs do not give faith and are not lazy, and act with the consciousness that everyone is the master.
GL CI Introduction
We introduce our logo, which encapsulates GL's management philosophy.
The red background represents GL's active, vibrant energy and our willingness to make the next leap into greatness, while the white lettering symbolizes our clean and honest corporate image.
GL symbolizes the standard for both the sky and earth, the benchmark for all enterprises.
This represents our creative business mindset, our step-by-step advancement based on trust and dedication, and symbolizes our image as a leading company.